Artist Statement

My artistic goal is to portray the beauty observed in the everyday world, and to communicate impressions and sentiments to others. Each piece of art is a personal visual account of sights and experiences that have touched my sensibility.

Using memories, sketches and photographs from travels as inspiration and reference, the composition of a painting is developed – rearranging things in interesting and sometimes unexpected ways. Method varies depending on subject matter. For figures, an “under-painting” or sketch of the figure in sepia is rendered to establish tonality before applying a series of transparent glazes of color. For most other subjects and scenes paint colors are applied directly without a preliminary under-painting, known as alla-prima.

Favorite subjects are the fascinating and familiar human figure, majestic and powerful horses, resplendent and sometimes humorous birds, and ever-changing water and nature. The work is pure optimism and nostalgic fondness for simple and joyful motifs and a great appreciation for truly representing the essence of a thing, all of which contribute to a realistic, expressive, and vivid style.